Since 2003, Rose Shop has always been on the lookout for the innovative and the unexpected. Rather than calling itself a concept store - a slightly overused term these days - Rose is a place that refuses to take itself seriously, hoping to make people smile through a diversified assortment of items : stationery, scarves, handbags, jewellery, small accessories, and other quirky things, cultivating a typically Belgian sense of self-derision.

While our selection and the shop itself have evolved over the past thirteen years, our core values have remained the same : color-coded displays, a fairly large price range to accommodate all budgets, and the unceasing will to renew our own offbeat, girly universe.

Our windows - almost a landmark of the neighbourhood - showcase our favourite objects as well as young designers of the moment to passersby and customers, promoting creativity and making them smile in the process.


+32 2 534 98 08

Rue de l’Aqueduc 56-58
1050 Bruxelles (Belgique)